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NIKKI - The main protagonist of the story, Nikki was born and raised in Queens, New York. He awakes one morning at his home in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, having no memory of how he got there. Nikki soon sets off on a journey to try and become a hero to the few human survivors still left on the Earth, but there is much more going on in this new world than he realizes...

Throughout the story we are shown Nikki's memories of Asa and the wild relationship that developed between them. Little does Nikki know just how much these events will play a role in his fate.

ASA - A young girl with a shiny and endearing personality. Asa met Nikki through a typical college social group, but a far greater force drove them into each other's arms. Asa is a happy, popular girl; but she holds a burden of responsibility and dread outlook that even Nikki does not understand. Her erratic behavior and reserved nature lead her and Nikki down dark roads in the past, but what role does she play in a world full of undead?

SARA - A beautiful woman who claims to have been residing in Nikki's house during the rise of the zombies. She reluctantly sets out with Nikki on a quest to get help, but she seems more fearful of something else than the zombie horde.

ASHER - A badass bounty hunter with a lot of guns and a Texas attitude. Asher is one of the leaders in the new world, and he fast becomes a mentor to Nikki. He shoulders the responsibility of aiding human survivors with honor and capability. So why does he shudder when he hears Asa's name..?

BRIAN - A young, troubled dormmate of Nikki and Asa. Brian leads the young couple into the heart of New York City, but his instability soon leads to trouble. Despite this, Brian thinks well of the young couple, and often has some interesting insight to offer.

Nikki will meet these and many others on his journey into the world of survival horror...

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